Bird Watching Services for Your Home or Business!

Bird Buddies is here to bring you or your loved ones the delightful experience of Songbirds in your own back yard.  We do all the work and supply everything needed to bring the beautiful birds to your home or office.

  • Do you have friends or family members that would enjoy watching pretty birds?
  • Do you have children that love watching birds?
  • Enjoy the calming effect of colorful, active birds?
  • Have a common area for business visitors or employees to enjoy birds?
  • Have a home office and need a place to rest your eyes after hours of work?

Just look at how much these birds LOVE their feeder!

By choosing us you will get bi-monthly services to upkeep your feeder. Don’t worry, we’re on call if your food is low or your set-up needs a repair!

We’re currently offering a special: request an appointment for a FREE site consultation by filling out the form to the right and become eligible for our discounted price of $99/month!

Our comprehensive and continuous bird watching services include installation of a quality bird feeder, making sure it’s always filled and in excellent condition so your family or your company can experience the joy of lively birds outside your window! We custom tailor a seed and suet program for the local and migrating birds using our knowledge to make sure your local bird species are being fed healthy food every day. An added benefit of more abundant birds in your yard is that it provides organic pest control! Birds eat mosquitoes, insects, worms, snails and spiders around your yard, aiding in the health of your grass and flower pollination!

  • Attract the birds you want
  • Control mosquitoes and other insects in your yard
  • Get bi-monthly feeder maintenance